R1 Solutions Pricing


1. Discovery Cards and Tools

R1 has developed and offers innovative tools for the substance use prevention, addiction treatment, and recovery communities. Please visit our Store to learn more about our products. Apps, learning wheels, and multi-language versions coming soon. Large quantity discounts are listed below for organizations that have multiple programs and locations and/or include the tools in patient/ client packet. Please contact us to learn more about how we can build the best cost effective package to meet your organization’s needs. R1 also offers branding options on Discovery Cards for large quantity orders to build your program’s brand.  Visit the R1 Store

*Price for R1 Intellectual Property plus cost of printing, mounting, framing, and/or shipping.

N/A: Not applicable

Shipping and handling will be billed in addition to the product prices listed above.


2. Training & Certification

R1 offers a team of qualified learning professionals to teach your team on how best to use the tools in both group or 1-on-1 sessions. R1 also brings the capability to delivery high quality and impactful sessions through our team of qualified professionals. In both cases, our goal is to enable you to maximize your investment in the Discovery Cards and other R1 products.

R1 products required for the training or certification will be billed in addition to the professional services outlined above.

*All reasonable and necessary travel and lodging expenses will be billed in addition to professional fees with written pre-approval by client.


3. Enterprise License (Annual)

R1 offers enterprise license so that your organization can leverage the simple, yet powerful content that we’ve developed. The content license will enable you to use and integrate our library of graphic models, definitions, activity worksheets from our card decks and facilitator guides into your existing curriculum. The license includes access and use of topic slide decks (MS PowerPoint format) so that you can lead professional sessions immediately. Our expanded library of Activity Worksheets enables you to use the Discovery Cards in a variety of ways overtime so that you get the full benefit of your investment.

Users: Clinicians, counselors, trainers, or peer recovery support providers.

License includes unlimited use of models, slide decks, activity worksheets, and more.


4. Curriculum Consulting

R1 offers the capability to help you design and develop the best curriculum for your programs. Our team of experienced learning consultants will help you assess what you are currently doing today and build a set of recommendations to take your program to the next level. We’ll assess the quality and consistency of your curriculum, assess how your learning objectives are linked to your treatment plans and patient outcomes, and how to structure and evaluate your curriculum so that you can increase engagement, participation, learning, action, and results. You will receive an Executive Report that will include our findings and a set of recommendations that will enable you to prioritize and plan for any changes you want to implement to improve your program overtime.

*All reasonable and necessary travel and lodging expenses will be billed in addition to professional fees with written pre-approval by client.


5. Discovery Cards Branding Options – Build Your Brand

Use the Discovery Cards as a communication tool to build your organization's brand. Workbooks and worksheets typically get thrown away after a treatment or recovery program. The Discovery Cards are rarely thrown away. They are kept on desks or in prominent places at home and often reused with others. Add your logo and contact information to Discovery Card boxes to promote and extend your brand.

Opportunities include:

  • Program packets

  • Take-home materials

  • Family programs

  • Referral organization outreach

  • Conferences or speaking events

  • Educational or certification programs

  • Alumni events

  • Donor or sponsor engagement

  • Marketing or other special events